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Hand-built Limited Edition OO Gauge Locos / Fine scale kits These locomotives are our more sophisticated products, using combinations of resin & white-metal castings, turned and photo-etched components to produce a fine-scale end product. These are available as limited edition ready-to-run models, hand-built to your order, or as special order kits for you to construct. Kit-form models will require additional components such as wheels, motor & gears etc. to complete. The following models can be supplied, though please note that availability varies, & there may be a wait until fresh stocks of parts are to hand... We recommended that you enquire before ordering.
Bulleid 'Leader' 0-6-6-0T. ( Kit £120 ) - ( R-T-R £295 ) One of the last truly experimental steam locos, this unusual-looking engine ran in trials from Brighton & Eastleigh between 1949-51. Review by Southern E Group (opens in new window)  more... BR (S) Class 71 electric. ( Kit £90 ) - ( R-T-R £225 ) Introduced in 1959 for the Kent coast electrification scheme, these locos were at home on both goods & express train duties, though they achieved fame hauling the prestigious 'Night Ferry' & 'Golden Arrow' boat trains. Our loco was described as 'The Rolls-Royce of models' by Model Rail magazine. This is the best model available of this class! Review by Southern E Group (opens in new window)    more...
Isle of Wight Railway 2-4-0T. ( Kit £89 ) - ( R-T-R £325 ) These Beyer-Peacock locos were introduced in 1864, & the last examples were withdrawn by the SR in the 1930's. A fine-scale kit in white-metal & brass, with lost-wax detail castings, & sufficient parts to cover all periods. Please register interest for our next production run....
I.W.R. Tank
OO GAUGE RESIN LOCO BODY KITS: Southern Railway These loco body kits are pitched firmly at the beginner, or those modellers who have limited time to complete a complex project. All are designed to fit commercial R-T-R chassis from the major manufacturers. The bodies are moulded in one main piece, with detailing components as required. The modeller is left to find their own handrail knobs, wire, buffers etc. Many of the simpler kits can be completed in a couple of evenings, but if even this is beyond you, never fear, as we can construct & finish any of the models for you, to a good standard at reasonable cost.
NEW Unrebuilt 'Merchant Navy' class These locomotives were the ultimate in Southern Railway express super-power, & our kits represent the class in their original, streamlined form. All variations are designed to fit the Hornby 'West country' or 'BofB' loco & tender chassis, with the addition of a 'MN' pony truck. (you can use the rebuilt 'Merchant Navy' chassis if preferred, but more work is required to return this to the original version) You'll need ladders, safety valves, buffers etc. to complete the detailing of your model..  more... Kits are available in four different varieties;- Series one, as built / early.- Comes with 'Widow's peak' + flared-out deflector front ends, & original sloping front cab, with 5,000 gallon streamlined tender body with optional high rear rave. ............ £70 Series one, early BR condition;- Comes with the hooded front end, large deflectors, & your choice (please specify) of slope front or BR 'V' front cab, + tender as above, without rear rave......... £60 Series Two;- Comes with Large deflectors (can be cut down for early vesion) Your choice of flat-fronted SR, or BR 'V' front cab, (please specify) plus 5,100 gallon high-sided tender body............... £60 Series Three;- Comes with large deflectors, 'V' cab, & 6,000 gallon long-wheelbase high-sided tender body. (appropriate Hornby tender underframe required) .........£60 We are also working on patterns for the long wheelbase self-weighing, & 5,250 gallon rebodied tenders, both of which will be available as separate items..
NEW! SECR/SR/BR 'O1' class 0-6-0. (£55) These were Wainwright rebuilds of the SER 'O' class, working from early SECR days until 1962. They were simple, robust & lightweight, giving almost universal route availability. No. 65 is preserved on the Bluebell railway, the sole example of an ex-SER locomotive. Designed to fit the Chinese-made Hornby 'Jinty' etc. chassis, & comes with the distinctive outside-sprung tender, which will need 16mm wheels. more...
SECR/SR/BR 'O1' class 0-6-0
'W' Class 2-6-4T; (£40) These powerful goods tanks ranged far & wide on goods, banking & cross-London freight duties. Designed to fit the Bachmann 'N' class chassis. more... The mould for this kit is now in extremely poor condition, & is unlikely to be replaced; If you're prepared to do a fair bit of extra cleaning up, we will attempt to produce an example for you to order.
Z' Class 0-8-0T; (£40) The SR's last design of heavy shunter, also found work on banking duties at many locations. Designed to fit the Hornby '8F' chassis. more...
'E1/D1' 4-4-0; (£55) These were Maunsell rebuilds of earlier Wainwright locos. They were fast, powerful, & found use all over the south east, many saw out their last days on the Redhill-Reading route. Designed to fit the Hornby '2P' chassis & tender drive. more... New mould now running from 15/1/12. Kit now freely available.
'Q' Class 0-6-0; (£55) Maunsell's last loco for the Southern, these goods engines found their way all over the system, even on the occasional passenger duty. Loco & tender bodies to fit the Hornby '4F' chassis & tender drive. more... New improved mould ready for work from 24/1/12.
'Q' Class 0-6-0
'G16' Class 4-8-0T; (£45) These Urie super-heavy duty shunters were designed for the hump yards at Feltham, though they saw use on transfer freights & occasional empty stock duties. Designed to fit modified Hornby '8F' chassis. more...
'G16' Class 4-8-0T
NEW! Maunsell 0-6-0 Diesel shunter; (£40) Introduced 1937, & lasted into the 60's, these were some of the first of their kind, & worked mostly around south London. This kit has been re-tooled to fit the Bachmann 'O8' chassis, with improved detail. more...
Maunsell 0-6-0 Diesel shunter
New! ‘Pocket Money Projects’; Simple 1-piece mouldings to give you something different in an evening or two’s work....
‘TERRIER’ Large Bunker modification; (£5) A casting to extend the Dapol/Hornby Terrier bunker to Isle of Wight Capacity; Many returned to mainland BR service in this form. With instructions;
‘Lord Nelson’ Maunsell bogie tender body; (£12) Original version, to back-date the Bachmann ‘Nelson’
OO Gauge Resin Loco body Kits: BR Standard
'Duke of Gloucester' 4-6-2; (£65) The ultimate development in BR steam locos, this solitary class 8 pacific was BR's only 3-cylinder design, & is happily presterved. Comes with a host of metal detailing parts, including the caprotti valve gear, a BR1J tender body & a new pony truck. Designed to fit the Hornby Britannia chassis more...  BR1J tender body also available separately £15
BR 'Duke of Gloucester'
'Crosti' 9F 2-10-0;  (£50) The standard heavy freight loco, fitted with a bizarre & ugly boiler & side chimney in a search for economy. This characterful subclass lasted into the early 60's before being returned to 'normal' draughting arrangements. Can be assembled in 2 forms; as built, or with all the Crosti stuff taken off. Designed to fit the Hornby '9F' chassis, can also be adapted for the Bachmann one. more... New improved mould now running from 15/1/12. (A BR1B tender body can be ordered with this kit for an extra £10..) Crosti '9F' is now also available in it's rebuilt, conventional steaming form , priced at £45
'Crosti' 9F
BR 'Clan' class 4-6-2 (£50) Something to use your old tender-drive Hornby 'Brittania' chassis for,- Comes with full whitemetal pipework detail.  more...
Clan Weathered
BR Standard Tender Bodies; Designed to fit the Hornby tender drive mechanism, though they can be adapted for other underframes. The upper part of the coal space is modelled, so down to a half load can be represented with a scattering of crushed coal... more... Comes with comprehensive instructions, including a full explanation of all BR tender types & pairings. 2 types are available;- BR1F High capacity (as fitted to 9F, 5MT, & 1 4MT).... (£15) BR1B/C/D/E/K High sided. (Builds any of these variants) .....(£16)
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Ex- SDJR/LMS Loco body kits
SDJR '7F' 2-8-0 (Large boiler); Newly re-tooled (£45) The archetypal S&D loco, used on freight & passenger services, & unique to the line. Designed to fit the Hornby '8F' chassis, & will need a Fowler tender.  more... It may be possible to fit this body to the new Bachmann chassis, though we have yet to try this;- reports from customers would be welcomed..
Other Resin Loco body kits
LNER/BR B17/5 4-6-0; (£55) Two of the numerous 'Footballer' class 4-6-0's were given the Gresley streamlining treatment in the 30's, for hauling the prestigious 'East Anglian' express services. They lasted into BR ownership, but were de-streamlined in the early 50's. Loco & tender bodies to fit Hornby 'Footballer' chassis. more... New mould now in service, 15/1/12 ..
LNER B17/5 Streamlined 4-6-0
BRCW/sulzer 'Lion' Co-Co Diesel; (£30) One of the pioneer main-line diesels, promoted by private enterprise, 'Lion' could be seen on various BR lines, in its distinctive white livery. Very easy conversion, to fit the Hornby Class 47 chassis. more...
BRCW/sulzer 'Lion' Co-Co Diesel
English Electric 'GT3’ Gas-Turbine 4-6-0 (£55) Conceived as a means of recycling steam loco chassis with a modern power plant, GT3’s steam-type layout was already outmoded by the time it took to the rails in the late 50’s, though it was an interesting & well-built prototype. Kit features resin loco & tender bodies, with some detail parts to fit a Hornby ‘Black 5’ chassis & BR1 tender under-frame. Available now!  more...
English Elrectic 'GT3’ Gas-Turbine 4-6-0
4mm Scale Narrow-Gauge kits Whitemetal loco body kits
Nl1 S&K 0-4-2ST; Kerr-Stuart 'Brazil' Class saddle-tank (£25) Nl2 Southwold Railway 'Sharpie' 2-4-2/2-4-0T (£28) Nl3 S&K 'Monarch' 0-t4-4-0T Kitson-Meyer (£34) Nl5 S&K 'Victor' 0-4-0 Fireless (£28)
‘Monarch’ & ‘Superior’
Nl6 Southwold Railway 'Wenhaston' 0-6-2T, Manning, Wardle (£28) NL7 Tasmanian Garratt 0-4-4-0 (£45) Nl9 W&L 'Earl'/'Countess' 0-6-0T (N/A) Nl10 S&K 'Superior' 0-6-2T Kerr-Stuart (N/A) Nl11 S&K 'Conqueror' 0-6-2T, Bagnall (N/A)
S&K 'Victor'
Stanier 4P/5F Mogul; (£40) Stanier's first design for the LMS, this small class of mixed traffic 2-6-0's were widespread throughout the LMS system. Designed to fit the Hornby Fowler 2-6-4T chassis, & will need a Fowler tender. more... New mould ready for work from 24/1/12
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'Claud Hamilton' D16/3 class 4-4-0 (£45) Resin body to fit the Hornby '2P' chassis;- Can use the new motorised version, or the older tender-driven type with a short-wheelbase drive unit from a 'Compound' or 'Patriot'. Will also need a GER type tender from a Hornby 'B12'. more...
Claud Hamilton D16/3 class 4-4-0
LSWR / SR /BR Adams '0395' class 0-6-0 The '0395' class 0-6-0's, introduced 1882, were the first goods engines designed by William Adams for the LSWR. Originally totalling 70 locos, 50 were sent to the middle east in 1916, leaving 20 to become Southern Railway property at the grouping. Most of these passed to British Railways, with the last examples lasting until 1959. Our kit comprises a resin loco body & complete tender, & is designed around the loco-drive Hornby '4F' chassis, though others may be usable. 16mm tender wheels, buffers, handrails etc. are required to complete the model. ... Price £55   more...
Adams 0395